Retaining Walls

The seawalls that you see are all retaining walls. They retain soil on one side and water on the other. It is imperative that if required, you ensure a sufficient system and installation is in place. As your local experts in everything to do with seawalls, at every stage, work with us to ensure that absolute safety and stability are achieved.

Palm Beach Seawall Services

Here at Palm Beach Seawall Services, we know just how important it is to ensure our local seawalls are keeping us safe. By providing a service of excellence that covers all aspects of installing and maintaining these vital coastal defenses, we help to keep our residents safe. Able to perform installation, repairs, and refurbishment services on all kinds of walls including coastal retaining walls and lake walls, we are here to ensure we keep our docks and other risk areas properly maintained and defended. With a team of experts on hand to provide the customer service that you need, our top-quality work will ensure that seawall erosion protection is functioning to its best, and all other elements are protected too.

Why Retaining Walls?

The walls on a dock or other water defended area, are retaining walls. This means that soil is retained on one side and the other will protect the land from the waves. It is essential to protect the coastline and will help to maintain the position of land behind it, thus preventing soil erosion. Because of the pressure of the water against the wall, you must make sure that your seawalls have been installed and maintained by an expert company to ensure your complete safety and protection. As your local experts, we will ensure that proper drainage and sufficient soil grouting are in place to achieve longevity and strength, preventing the risk of cracking and deforming which can occur over time when the installation is not sufficient.

Retaining Wall Installation

As your local experts in all things to do with seawalls, we are the team to provide the exact custom seawalls and custom docks that you require. By working in such a tailored way, we ensure the utmost effectiveness and safety are achieved. With a team of expert seawall builders, we can provide the top service for all kinds of areas including beach walls, golf course seawalls, and landscaping seawalls. We also provide a range of styles and choices for your retaining wall including different materials such as a stone seawall, rock seawall, or vinyl seawall.

Retaining Wall Repair and Replacement

As the premier seawall builders in Fort Lauderdale, Fl, we are the ideal team to perform all works you need concerning retaining seawalls. As well as being able to perform initial installations, we also offer top-quality repairs and refurbishing for all kinds of walls. No matter the size, location, style, and material, you name it, we can help. With an expert team known as the best seawall builders near you, we are here to ensure your absolute safety is secured by keeping your seawalls properly maintained.

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